Mark Sheperdigian on killing bed bugs in “deep harborage”

September 25, 2008

Mark Sheperdigian writes, in a new article for Pest Management Professional, about the difficulties of — and possibilities for — eliminating bed bugs from deep crevices and wall voids. Eliminating bed bugs holed up in the deep harborage of structural crevices, and voids is problematic, which is a fancy way of saying they are just […]

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Bed Bug Success Stories: Collette and a professional steamer

February 19, 2008

Note: since this post was written, Bedbugger has a new FAQ on Killing Bed Bugs With Steam. There are steamer recommendations and further tips on technique and safety in the Steaming FAQ, compiled by bedbugger Mangycur and nobugs. We have long had a success stories page. And though readers often forget to write and tell […]

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