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Bed bugs can be detected using homemade interceptor bed bug traps

May 28, 2014

Think you have bed bugs? Short on cash? Commercial bed bug traps (such as those in our FAQ on bed bug monitors) can cost $20 per bed or more. The University of Florida has now produced a helpful video explaining how consumers can construct homemade interceptor bed bug traps. (Click here to view the video […]

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Faulty bed bug information

August 3, 2009

Florida’s recently ran a story about the wonderful methods used at the University of Florida to bake bed bugs in furniture (they set up an ad hoc oven in the center of the room). That’s not news to us. However, this report also contained a curious sidenote: The environmental protection agency has prohibited the […]

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Bed bugs at San Diego State University

January 29, 2009

The Daily Aztec (an independent student paper) reported yesterday [direct link dead as of 3/14, removed] on the bed bug situation at San Diego State University. Officials there say there are currently no known bed bug cases, though the article notes there have been bed bugs found on campus in recent months. One place bed […]

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MSNBC: bed bugs go back to school

August 31, 2008

MSNBC did a report on Friday about the problem of bed bugs on college campuses, warning students and their parents about bed bugs going back to school (or, for that matter, coming home from school). Don’t be put off by the fact that Matt Lauer opens the segment by dropping the nursery rhyme bomb. Watch […]

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Back to school: news media focuses on bed bugs in college dorms

August 22, 2008

This USA Today article from Wednesday gives a rundown on recent bed bug battles in a number of US colleges and universities, such as Ohio State, and the University of Florida. This is an issue that administrators are increasingly thinking about in advance of a crisis arising (as evidenced by recent sessions on bed bugs […]

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Results of University of Florida tests on bed bug dog effectiveness are out

August 20, 2008

The long-awaited University of Florida study of bed bug dogs that we mentioned last year has now been published: Ability of Bed Bug-Detecting Canines to Locate Live Bed Bugs and Viable Bed Bug Eggs MARGIE PFIESTER, PHILIP G. KOEHLER, AND ROBERTO M. PEREIRA Department of Entomology, Building 970 Natural Area Drive, University of Florida, Gainesville, […]

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University of Florida tests bed bug dogs

May 15, 2007

The University of Florida News reports on tests being run by U of F researchers on bed bug dogs: Nine-pound Nudie’s feet skitter across the concrete floor as she speeds by, keeping her tiny nose to the ground. She scurries around the perimeter of a bed, then hops on top. “Find your B’s, find your […]

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