FAQ: I am not in the US. Can you tell me where to buy XL ziplocs, or what mattress covers are called in my country?

April 22, 2007

Sometimes I get messages commenting on the Nortamericano-bias, USA-bias, or even NYC-bias of the site. Others assume was made for NYC Bedbuggers (not so!) Although people often think this to be the case, this site was never intended to be for residents of the US, but rather, for everyone with bed bugs, everywhere. Although […]

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One good thing about bed bugs

November 8, 2006

As of November 8, 2006, the Ugandan Army will no longer accept prospective soldiers who have jiggers, i.e. bed bugs. So those of you who are suffering from infestations, cheer up, there probably won’t be a recruiter knocking on your door telling you your next assignment is Kampala.

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The bed bug droppings hit the fan

November 3, 2006

Sorry to get graphic on you folks, but the news round-up for today is really something. The San Jose Mercury-News reports that Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live is suing because she moved into a $13,500 a month SOHO loft rental that was infested with bed bugs. The couple had signed a $13,500-a-month lease, paying […]

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