Bug Girl on searching a hotel room for bed bugs

September 18, 2008

Bug Girl has a helpful article today on casing out a hotel room for bed bugs, with photos!

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Mark Sheperdigian: inspection is “single most crucial operation in bed bug treatments”

September 8, 2008

Mark Sheperdigian has published a new article in Pest Management Professional. It begins, It has been said that you cannot hit what you cannot see — and for bed bugs, that goes double. The single most crucial operation in bed bug treatments is the inspection. Inspection is, unfortunately, also the part of the process that […]

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Hints from Bed Bug Helloise: Hollywood purse hook, anyone?

July 8, 2008

Hints from Bed Bug Helloise has been on a long hiatus. Our Helloise doesn’t often see anything she wants to share with Bedbuggers. We all have too much stuff anyway, don’t we? But she recently came across this item: the Hollywood Purse Hook. The manufacturers claim it will hold a purse dangling from a table […]

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Last week’s Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati

November 12, 2007

It’s a week later, but I did want to comment on the media’s follow-up from last week’s Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati, about the bed bug problem.’s Lynn Groud reported on the event last Monday. Hundreds of bed bug sufferers turned out. One speaker said: “For many older adults, they are a 24-hour a […]

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Reader Question: how easy is it to spread bed bugs?

October 12, 2007

A reader writes, Hello, I found your site and wanted to ask a question. I rent an NYC apartment and it has been confirmed by an exterminator that we have bed bugs. I am wondering about the transportation of bed bugs. For example, I work in a corporate office…What are the odds that I’ve transported […]

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News round-up: UK’s Daily Telegraph on bed bugs; Cincinnati’s finest are working to avoid bed bugs

October 9, 2007

Monday’s Daily Telegraph featured a long article on bed bugs in the UK. Overall it was a typical story of the spread of bed bugs in Britain, and coming as it does from a well-respected source, it is a good thing. I was, however, disappointed in some of the information provided. First, the journalist Judith […]

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Cincinnati: “best weapon against bed bugs is … education”

October 2, 2007

Local News 12 in Cincinnati had a new segment on bed bugs on Monday. That city has declared their bed bug epidemic to be a huge problem, and started throwing energy, time, and resources into solving it as best they can. They appear to fully understand what a difficult task that is. But they’re starting […]

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How to avoid bringing bed bugs home when you travel, kill bed bugs in luggage

August 5, 2007

If you think you have been exposed to bed bugs, don’t panic. What you do after discovering you and your luggage may have been exposed can make a big difference as to whether you take the bugs home. It’s worth proceeding carefully and cautiously since avoiding an infestation can save you thousands of dollars and […]

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Bed Bug Helloise goes high-tech!

August 3, 2007

Bed bug Helloise is back with a quickie helpful hint: Do you have bed bugs? Are you thinking of replacing that computer keyboard that may harbor bed bugs, cast shells, or feces? Consider the Unotron Spillseal keyboards and mice. They’re completely sealed except for the USB plug, so you can wash them in the sink […]

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Bed bug news round-up (New Jersey is notably silent)

May 25, 2007

Such an interesting assortment of bed bug news came through my inbox this evening. First, WLNS of Lansing, Michigan warns that bed bugs are the pest of the 21st century, that they “wreak havoc on your skin and your life,” their incidence has increased 75% n five years (oh, I’d say much more than that), […]

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DIY public education campaign

May 16, 2007

It’s sad that people are so poorly informed about bed bugs. In a multi-unit dwelling, unless your neighbors know as much as you do about bed bugs, it is hard to eradicate them. I have often encouraged people to print up information for neighbors with warnings and information about bed bugs. I am not sure […]

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