tipping point

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small, but bed bugs just make you itch

May 23, 2007

My apologies to Jefferson Airplane. And now for something completely different: news not from New Jersey. Just five months after a certain Village Voice columnist made readers feel all creepy and start looking for bed bugs everywhere, as if paranoid, a music review in the same paper about an indie band called White Rabbit implies […]

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Gianaris’ Bedbug Legislation Passes

May 9, 2007

Great news, folks. I just received a press release from Assemblyman Gianaris’ office- thanks Maggie!- announcing the passage in the Assembly of the crucial and groundbreaking legislation that will require NYC schools to notify parents of bedbug infestations. The bill was introduced by Gianaris after the Department of Education’s Office of School Health refused to […]

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Another journalist gets bed bugs, bad

April 24, 2007

I once wrote a note to compliment a Canadian journalist whose newspaper piece on bed bugs was very good. S/he wrote back and told me that months after s/he researched the story, s/he got bed bugs too. I asked if s/he could have picked them up while doing research in an infested location, but the […]

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Bed bug ethics reach the New York Times magazine

April 1, 2007

The New York Times Ethicist, Randy Cohen, fielded a bed bug ethics question today. The question: Last summer, I visited friends at their chateau in France – good company, excellent food, but a lumpy mattress full of bedbugs. Badly bitten, I said nothing, but I know I’ll be invited back. How can I politely tell […]

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bed bugs on NPR again: “Bed bugs spiralling out of control all over” according to Richard Cooper

March 28, 2007

Richard Cooper on Leonard Lopate again (download mp3 or listen to streaming audio here). Last year at around the same time, Leonard Lopate did a bed bug show (which is a must-listen, perhaps even a bit more interesting than this one in some respects: click here for the 2006 edition). Highlights in today’s update: Cooper […]

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The B-word was used in the Brookstone Catalog!

March 27, 2007

by Parakeets Here’s a powerful tipping point: Bedbugs are mentioned in the newsest Brookstone Catalog! We have finally arrived. Their featured “NEW” product is a mite-proof mattress cover and in big letters on the top of the print catalog page, the headline reads: “Mites and Mold and Bedbugs, Oh My!” “Protect Your Sleep with CleanRest” […]

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Good news: bed bug aggregation pheromones

March 15, 2007

A pest control professional confirmed for us today the reports Parakeets heard about bed bug aggregation pheromones being developed. We’re told that within 2-3 months, assuming the red tape is cut swiftly enough, glue traps should be available for sale which use bed bug aggregation pheromones to attract bed bugs to aggregate there. This is […]

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Bonnie Friedman’s NYTimes Op Ed on Bed Bugs

February 5, 2007

The Bonnie Friedman article is here. And here’s an excerpt: The exterminator, when he arrived, had just come from East 81st Street.  “From East 57th Street and up it’s plagued by bedbugs,” he said.  “And they’re all over the Upper West Side, too. People expect them in another neighborhood. But it’s not about hygiene. It’s […]

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Salt Lake City Firehouse closed due to bed bugs

January 25, 2007

According to kutv.com, the firefighters blame the infestation on a homeless shelter they are called out to regularly. “What are we going to do? Strip everyone down and make them take a shower before we let them in the shelter?” asks Diane Keay of the Salt Lake County Health Department. “I don’t think we’re going […]

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Guest post: Can information spread faster than bed bugs?

January 23, 2007

Editor’s note: Geof Day wrote this excellent post on the Bedbugger Yahoo group, and I asked his permission to post it here. Geof makes some wonderful points about spreading information about bed bugs and the damage they can do– something we all need to think about if we want this problem to get wider attention, […]

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bed bug lawsuit against the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kensington, London

January 15, 2007

I was sent a press release today from lawyers working on a bed bug case. The news release is at PRforLAW.com and I have quoted some of the release below.   One Of The World’s Premier Luxury Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London, Rented Bed Bug-Infested Room To Prominent Licensing / Intellectual Property Attorney […]

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I’d like the name of that therapist

January 1, 2007

fom the website “Overheard in New York”: 30-ish lady #1: Did you talk to your therapist about bedbugs? 30-ish lady #2: I only talk to my therapist about bedbugs. –34th & Madison Overheard by: K

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