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Bed bugs on the cover of the New Yorker

September 23, 2010

For real, this time. (They almost got there in July with Edward Koren’s “Big Bug City”: close, but no tamale.) The September 27, 2010 issue of the New Yorker features Barry Blitt’s “Bedbugs and Beyond” on its cover — with enough anatomical correctness to make it really clear what we’re dealing with even if we […]

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Mary-Louise Parker talks to Letterman about her current bed bug scare

August 26, 2009

The big news today was that Mary-Louise Parker talked to David Letterman on his Late Show last night about her current bed bug scare. (You can scroll in to about 1:33 in the video window below to see the start of the bed bug conversation.) Apparently the star of “Weeds” suspected bed bugs and then […]

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New York City to get bed bug awareness campaign

January 15, 2008

Finally. The Daily News reports that New York City is going to get a bed bug education campaign. The article reports that there will be town hall meetings about bed bugs in Washington Heights (1/28), Astoria (2/5) and Bushwick (3/12). Housing officials will roll out the campaign with a town hall meeting Jan. 28 in […]

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The Simpsons namechecks our little friends

December 13, 2007

(by hopelessnomo) NYJammin watched The Simpsons last Sunday. She, unlike the rest of you, gentle readers, who could have called the Bedbugger hotline but inexplicably chose not to, shared the joy: Marge was putting baby Maggie to bed. En route to Maggie’s crib, Marge was saying goodnight with the baby to some of the stuffed […]

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bed bug news for 2007-11-15

November 14, 2007

National Post: Bed bugs invade Toronto East Toronto city councillor Paula Fletcher asked the Toronto public health unit on Monday to study what it could do to eradicate the problem of bed bugs. Right now the public health unit does not track infestations, but simply offers phone advice to suff (tags: Toronto tippingpoint nationalpost canada […]

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Arctic Monkeys bitten by bed bugs

September 18, 2007

I thought that might get your attention. Remember in the olden times (like, more than eight months ago) when a news article would mention bed bugs, and then there would either be a whole detour about how bed bugs are coming back, or worse, a photo of a dust mite? (For examples, see this Children’s […]

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More bed bug stories from Cincinnati; also, pig spotted in sky over New York City

September 8, 2007

Today, Cincinnati’s WKRC (local12.com) tells more local bed bug stories in an article and video. “Bed bugs,” said Diann Waters, bed bugs in home. “All over my baby.” Diann Waters may tell her son, “don’t let the bed bugs bite” before he goes to sleep, but it looks like they did anyways. “He done scratched […]

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Finally, somebody does something: Cincinnati’s new Bed Bug Remediation Commission

September 7, 2007

We’ve been following the bed bug situation in Cincinnati for a while. Yesterday, Joe Wessels of the Cincinnati Post reported that city officials were forming a commission to fight the problem: The Bedbug Remediation Commission, a five-member panel of local health, social service and elected leaders, is in the process of forming and will try […]

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NYC office of Very Important International Law Firm has bed bugs

June 27, 2007

Legal blog Above the Law has reproduced a memo from the Chairman of well-known law firm (Update: Cadwalader, Wickersham, and Taft) announcing to employees that there is a bed bug problem on the 33rd floor in the Word Processing dept. of that firm. (MediaBistro’s FlishBowlNY blog is also covering this, so the leaked memo is […]

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Ellen’s theory as to how bed bugs came back

June 12, 2007

We know the theories as to why bed bugs came back (and by these, I mean: the end-of-DDT, increase in international travel, no-more-routine-baseboard-spraying), but you may enjoy hearing Ellen DeGeneres’s theory about the logistics of how bed bugs came back. I’ll count it as a “tipping point” that bed bugs are now the fodder of […]

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bed bugs go Hollywood?

June 9, 2007

Not to give the plot away (and I have not seen the film yet) but this review implies that bed bugs feature in the new Ocean’s Thirteen movie. Shhhh! If you’ve seen it, don’t spill the beans!

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And so, it gets worse: bed bugs on the move

June 7, 2007

A news round-up for today: This article in the Quad-Cities Online reported yesterday on bed bug infestations in a public housing complex in East Moline, Illinois. The reporter quotes one resident who has been battling bed bugs since fall. “I work too. My tax dollars are going to support places like this (government run low-income […]

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