Bed Bugs in 18th Century Sweden – who ya gonna call?

May 4, 2007

Answer:  Carolus Linnaeus From a just published article in Smithsonian Magazine: But many of his other views were surprisingly modern. He foreshadowed Darwin in his belief in a universal struggle for survival. He was the first to classify human beings in the same genus as other primates, and he grouped whales with mammals (previously they […]

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FAQ: I am not in the US. Can you tell me where to buy XL ziplocs, or what mattress covers are called in my country?

April 22, 2007

Sometimes I get messages commenting on the Nortamericano-bias, USA-bias, or even NYC-bias of the site. Others assume Bedbugger.com was made for NYC Bedbuggers (not so!) Although people often think this to be the case, this site was never intended to be for residents of the US, but rather, for everyone with bed bugs, everywhere. Although […]

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Bed bugs in Sweden: Ikea, used mattresses, and the spread of vägglus

March 24, 2007

I dropped the CusterMap we had on the old host, which showed the geographical locations readers were coming from on a map with red dots, partly because I think there are other options to be tried out. But when we last looked at a month of Bedbugger visitors, there were some interesting things to be […]

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