spider beetles

Spider beetles and bed bugs

April 17, 2012

When many of us go looking for bed bugs, we find other pests. A common discovery is the shiny spider beetle (Gibbium aequinoctiale) and closely related species. Spider beetles are often mistaken for bed bugs when people don’t know what they’re looking for because spider beetles look bloated and reddish-brown — like they might have […]

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FAQ: Is this a bed bug? (photos of creatures mistaken for bed bugs)

July 4, 2008

There are several creatures commonly mistaken for bed bugs by people who have not seen bed bugs or haven’t seen different life stages of bed bugs. Booklice (a type of psocid) are often confused for bed bug nymphs: Photo courtesy of LieutenantDan. An anonymous Bedbugger helpfully recommended this military fact sheet (click for a PDF) […]

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