Seattle Housing Authority’s bed bug treatment #FAIL

January 14, 2010

The Stranger has a new article on the rise of bed bugs in Seattle. What struck me most was its grim view of a bedbugged future, where we just give up and accept our fate of living with bed bugs. Both [Virginia Felton of the Seattle Housing Authority] and [Clay Thompson of the Seattle’s Department […]

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Newark and Seattle Bed Bug Symposiums this week

August 27, 2009

There’s a nice recap of Tuesday’s National Pest Management Association 2009 Bed Bug Symposium in Newark, NJ on the M&M Buzz, PCO M&M Environmental’s blog. Another NPMA Bed Bug Symposium today (8/27) in Seattle.  Anyone attending? We welcome your comments on the Newark or Seattle NPMA Bed Bug Symposiums below! The bed bug war?  It’s […]

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Seattle Housing Authority, you are smart about bed bugs

January 17, 2009

The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) is buying a bed bug dog to sniff out public housing buildings for bed bugs.  NWCN reports: In Seattle Housing Authority low-income buildings over the past three months the problem has exploded. The critters are becoming resistant to insecticides. Now the SHA is spending $35,000 to take control. Smart thinking […]

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Bed bugs in Seattle

July 17, 2007

A new article on bed bugs Monday, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Laura Geggel. Most interesting was their “tips” section: TIPS If you think you have bedbugs, do not move your sleeping location. You may unintentionally move the bugs and start a new infestation. * Try to catch the insect so you can show it to […]

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Just a week after I posted “Another journalist gets bed bugs,” here’s a third

April 29, 2007

Yet another journalist gets bed bugs. When I spoke to Meredith May of the San Francisco Chronicle, I told her I knew of one journalist who’d gotten bed bugs (months after a story s/he wrote, and with no suspected connection between doing the research on them and catching them, in case you’re wondering, as I […]

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