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San Francisco to change policies for dealing with bed bugs (public meeting Thursday 3/22!)

March 21, 2012

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the city will soon be changing some of the rules for how landlords (and other property owners) deal with bed bugs, and it’s not too late for those of you in San Francisco to learn more about and weigh in on the proposed changes. The Chron reports, Some of […]

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Bed bugs: epidemic or media hype?

November 5, 2010

The most original bed bug story a journalist can tell is that bed bugs aren’t really an epidemic after all. That was so in 2008, when Washington Post journalist David Segal wrote “Hmm. Tiny, Evil– and Everywhere?” Still, it’s two years later and we’re ripe for a new attempted debunking of the “bed bug epidemic”; […]

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bed bugs in 1920s NYC orphanages; San Francisco building dep., health dept. bed bug inspectors

December 9, 2007

Orphanage alumni take one more trip to Coney Island Life in a NYC orphanage in the 20s and 30s included bed bugs: “He spent his childhood in New York orphanages – writing letters to Santa that were never answered, or dragging his box spring outside to burn off the bed bugs each spring.” (tags: inpassing […]

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