Bed bugs on Today with Meredith Viera and Janice Lieberman, today

December 8, 2008

The video below, from the the Today Show, focuses on the tenacity of bed bugs (giving the example of one family who spent $6000 on treatment and then had a dog come in because they still had bed bugs). What went wrong? It contains some not quite precise information (Bill Whitstine of Florida Canine Academy […]

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Windsor, Ontario: bed bugs in public housing

September 20, 2007

More stories from large, infested buildings: this time, from 920 Ouellette Ave. in Windsor. The Windsor Star reports that John Fontaine, a 62-year old cab driver, is sleeping on his balcony in an attempt to avoid being bitten. It’s a tactic others have tried, though I am not certain it accomplishes much. The Windsor-Essex County […]

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Caitlin of the bed bug blog was reinfested.

August 23, 2007

Caitlin runs the bed bug blog (note: defunct as of 2011), and she started the Bedbugger yahoo listserv (which is an entirely separate entity from this blog or the Bedbugger forums). She’s been bug free for a long time now (something like 22 months, from what I gather). This is not likely a case of […]

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