red cross

Out of the fire and into the frying pan

September 27, 2008

The Red Cross relocated the Mathis family to a Cleveland Days Inn, after a fire chased them out of their home. And guess what they encountered in their hotel rooms? That’s right, bed bugs. Imagine having your home burn down (due to arson, no less), evacuating, and then having to deal with bed bug bites […]

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More bed bug research: Stephen Kells at the University of Minnesota

April 3, 2008

Richard Shin reports for The Pioneer Press on research being done by Stephen Kells on bed bugs at the University of Minnesota. Kells is at least one of the entomologists working on making an effective bed bug trap. Alas, “we’re quite a distance off” from a monitoring trap, Kells said. Eventually, it will be a […]

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