More from Cincinnati: senior housing complex

October 5, 2007

According to Channel 12 WKRC in Cincinnati (doesn’t Howard Hesseman work there?), residents at the Hillrise Apartment building, which is owned by Cincinnati Business & Professional Women’s Retirement Living Incorporated, are suffering from various issues including bed bugs. Calvin Merritt’s problems at Hillrise Apartments are pretty simple. “Mostly bugs, roaches and all that…” The “all […]

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More bad news about Denver’s bed bug-infested Halcyon House

June 28, 2007

The bed-bug-infested building which houses mostly elderly and disabled tenants in Denver, Halcyon House, was in the news again today. Ivan Moreno reports for the Rocky Mountain News that the court date finally arrived; the owners sent an attorney to represent them (they’re in Maine), and they were fined $41 for “failing to spray for […]

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Stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment in Charlotte: let’s start the blame game

June 14, 2007

Okay, I think everyone here agrees that there were multiple causes for the rise of bed bugs after their 50-year disappearance in the US: the end of routine baseboard spraying which was done until the early 1990’s and fell out of favor with the invention of effective roach baits, the outlawing of DDT as a […]

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NYC Bedbuggers: time to have some local politicians over for a bite or two

April 2, 2007

We’re now officially told that: Reports of the nasty critters skyrocketed from 34 cases at 24 public schools in October and November to 72 cases at 43 schools in January and February, according to the Department of Education. And despite the surge in the creepy-crawlers, the school system continues to resist calls to inform all […]

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inspectors find 600 unsanitized mattresses at Charlotte, N.C. used furniture store

February 26, 2007

A lot of the bed bug stories we see from around North America and the UK are the same old stuff: from the local subject, surprised to find he had bed bugs, to the “Be careful while you travel” box of tips, to the “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” closing, it can be a […]

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Yet more people who are yet to discover bed bugs exist: My Bedbugs and Familyfun.com

December 11, 2006

Well, we already talked about people who don’t know bed bugs are (a) real, and (b) horrific. See this, and this, for example. In the normal world, bed bugs pass as “fun”: Parakeets can’t post right now, but she emailed to tell me she saw this great suggestion on familyfun.com [note: website taken down after […]

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Bed bugs in Halifax, Nova Scotia

November 24, 2006

Nova Scotia is fighting bed bugs. The Daily News of Halifax, NS reports on the bed bug epidemic there. This is a fairly informative, if brief, article. A few things are of interest. First, the reporter says that Pest control sevices provide efficient ways to deal with bedbugs. They dust and spray for bedbugs, and […]

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So many bad bedbug-fighting practices, so little time

October 28, 2006

Public officials make so many mistakes when it comes to bedbugs, that Bedbugger almost can’t keep up. Today, an article in the Rhode Island News provides just one example. A Cranston, RI shelter was so infested that 70 residents and housing advocates marched to the State House, seeking the Governor’s help. (You need a login, […]

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FAQ: Are bedbugs a health issue?

October 18, 2006

At bedbugger, we love, love, love articles that claim bedbugs are a nuisance, but not really a health issue (not right now, anyway). Not a health issue? Is anxiety a health issue? Loss of sleep? Allergic reactions (not common, but I have one)? Road rage? Air rage? Going postal? Wait until we start seeing cases […]

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