Village Voice’s Runnin’ Scared blog on bed bugs

August 12, 2008

Blogger Roy Edroso did a nice rundown of recent bed bug situation in NYC in the Voice’s Runnin’ Scared news blog Monday. Edroso is right on the money in suggesting that bed bugs are not just one of those things the alarmist media wants us to think are “on the rise;” this is a real […]

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The Washington Post says to ignore the bed bug media hype

February 26, 2008

Three articles on bed bugs appeared today in the Washington Post. One gives a first-person account of what was apparently a not-so-serious bed bug case, and the second shrugs away the problem as a bunch of media hype. “Yes, Tiny, Evil–and in My Bed” is the first, and provides yet another first-person account from a […]

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bed bugs in Virginia Beach (again), Brown County, Ohio, and potential health risks

November 16, 2007

WAVY TV 10 – Bed bugs invade another oceanfront motel (in Virginia Beach, VA) “Bed bugs invade another oceanfront motel. This time the health department forced the MacThrift Motor Inn on 22nd street to close off some of its rooms because of the pesky little critters.” Five rooms, to be exact. (tags: virginiabeach virginia bedbugs […]

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Article in LA Times: bed bug press is good press, with a few reservations

January 29, 2007

A new bed bugs article in the LA Times today: nothing we haven’t seen before. It’s a fairly decent article with everything you expect: interviews with sufferers that convey the difficulty of dealing with this problem, quotes from entomologists about the scope and spread of bed bugs (I’m glad Dini Miller used the term “plague”!), […]

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