photos of nymphs

Important new page: photos of bed bugs, and signs of bed bugs

August 7, 2007

I just compiled a new page, to pull together a lot of the best photos we have blogged in the past, of bed bugs, fed and unfed nymphs, eggs, cast skins, and feces. I wanted this to be easily accessible to our newcomers (“newbites”). But I hope everyone will have a look and recommend anything […]

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Amazing photos from Lou Sorkin

August 7, 2007

close up of lounge chair staples Originally uploaded by louento.pix Click the photo to get all sizes of the photo, and then select “large” for the best view. This one shows a lounge chair–do you see the staples–the same ones from the previous entry? You can see nymphs, shed skins, hatched eggs, and feces. The […]

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lounge chair fabric

August 7, 2007

lounge chair fabric Originally uploaded by louento.pix Detail of the same lounge chair. Thanks to Lou Sorkin for the amazing bed bug photos!

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OfAlltheBeds’s bed bug nymph photo

August 7, 2007

Click to see an unfed bed bug nymph: AimeesBB Originally uploaded by OfAllTheBeds

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photos of bed bugs depicting various instars in colony; (only partially loads full image) and closeups of first instars

December 10, 2006

I’ve uploaded some photos of bed bug feeding. Remember the first instars are only 1 millimeter long so every part of body won’t be in focus at the same time during photo session. The series includes empty nymph to full one with different views and a rear view. Proboscis and stylets separate and shows labium […]

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