photos of mattresses

Bed in a bubble, Box of Bonita Bannas and Bed Bugs to Boot (say that fast 5 times)

March 4, 2008

Originally uploaded by Interloper at Large

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University Heights, the Bronx, January 2008

February 1, 2008

There are probably lots of reasons why you might see an entire, enormous dumpster full of used mattresses (some looking newer than others), in front of what appears to be a residential apartment building. Whatever the cause, I am glad they were kept from the mattress resellers. View Larger Map

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Still life with bedbugged mattress and dresser

December 23, 2007

Social Interloper, with another San Francisco mattress and dresser scene. We can only assume there are bed bugs. Again with the bugs, enough already by Social Interloper, on Flickr

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Sending reinforcements? Mattresses at 5th and Broadway, NYC

November 8, 2007

Another photo from the always-about-town iPhone interloper. Anyone got a clue what it’s about?

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Sunday, Buggy Sunday

September 4, 2007

In the course of four blocks on Sunday, walking through the East Village, I happened upon three separate incidents of discarded furniture. Now, it was the 3rd of September, and one of the busiest moving weekends of the year. So normally, I would assume some stuff would just be discarded because it was old or […]

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When I say the title of the blog, it makes me feel like Sean Connery

September 1, 2007

Or maybe it’s Ewan McGregor doing Sean Connery saying “New York City”. Miss Heather’s blog, that is. To say it’s a Greenpoint blog that documents pictures of dog poo, (and many other kinds of sh*t, like fugly new buildings) in Greenpoint does not do justice to the beauty and humor this website exudes. Today, […]

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Moon Over Manhattan Madness

August 31, 2007

Moon Over Manhattan Madness Originally uploaded by nobugsonme Three blocks from the last photo, this one was taken Thursday evening on 50th Street between Second and Third Avenues by iphone Interloper. The East Side is getting awfully itchy.

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close up bed bug with eggs

August 8, 2007

close up bed bug with eggs Originally uploaded by louento.pix Close up of single female bug on mattress. She is upside down and eggs are below her head and elsewhere. photo: L.Sorkin To see even more close up: click photo, then “all sizes” then “large.”

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More of Lou Sorkin’s photos

August 8, 2007

side of mattress with bed bugs Originally uploaded by louento.pix Female with eggs under piping (near top edge, left). Many bed bugs near right side in middle area between top and bottom of mattress. (Click photo, click “all sizes”, then “large” to zoom in!)

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Chelsea, NYC: 23rd street off of 7th Ave

August 7, 2007

23rd street off of 7th Ave Originally uploaded by jennylc NYC discarded mattress photo by Jennylc, another mattress-snapping rock star.

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San Francisco mattress photos

August 7, 2007

More Unpleasantness Originally uploaded by Social Interloper I discovered Social Interloper on was taking mattress photos. They appear to be mostly in San Francisco, and they are very impressive and disturbing from a bed bug perspective.

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New Yorkers: what happens when you call 311 with a bed bug complaint?

July 26, 2007

As New Yorkers know, if you have bed bugs in NYC, you have the option of calling 311 (the city information hotline) and filing a complaint about bed bugs in your rental unit. An inspector from the Housing and Preservation Department (HPD) will come to your home to inspect. More on that in a moment. […]

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