photos of bed bugs

New photos of bed bug nymphs feeding

August 21, 2010

Lou Sorkin has some interesting new close-up photos of first instar bed bug nymphs feeding on his hand. If you look closely, you can see one of the bed bugs before and after it feeds. Before Lou’s description of this photo: First instar nymphs feeding. Some bugs are almost full and ready to leave. On […]

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excerpt from “Bed Bugs II” by Bryan Lewis Saunders

September 27, 2009

Thanks to nicole for directing us to an excerpt from a performance by Bryan Lewis Saunders entitled “Bed Bugs II”; its description in YouTube: Edited excerpt of BED BUGS II performance in Tallahassee, FL at the New Music House. Using LIVE clips and clips from DVD. Music by Christopher Fleeger (field recording samples of insects […]

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FAQ: Is this a bed bug? (photos of creatures mistaken for bed bugs)

July 4, 2008

There are several creatures commonly mistaken for bed bugs by people who have not seen bed bugs or haven’t seen different life stages of bed bugs. Booklice (a type of psocid) are often confused for bed bug nymphs: Photo courtesy of LieutenantDan. An anonymous Bedbugger helpfully recommended this military fact sheet (click for a PDF) […]

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