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Milwaukee Housing Authority purchases bed bug sniffing dog

July 9, 2009

Milwaukee is probably the first city the second city we know of in the US (if not everywhere) to have its own bed bug sniffing dog. Gracie the terrier was acquired from Pepe Peruyero’s canine scent detection training program and will be used to detect live bed bugs or eggs in Milwaukee Housing Authority (public […]

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Results of University of Florida tests on bed bug dog effectiveness are out

August 20, 2008

The long-awaited University of Florida study of bed bug dogs that we mentioned last year has now been published: Ability of Bed Bug-Detecting Canines to Locate Live Bed Bugs and Viable Bed Bug Eggs MARGIE PFIESTER, PHILIP G. KOEHLER, AND ROBERTO M. PEREIRA Department of Entomology, Building 970 Natural Area Drive, University of Florida, Gainesville, […]

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University of Florida tests bed bug dogs

May 15, 2007

The University of Florida News reports on tests being run by U of F researchers on bed bug dogs: Nine-pound Nudie’s feet skitter across the concrete floor as she speeds by, keeping her tiny nose to the ground. She scurries around the perimeter of a bed, then hops on top. “Find your B’s, find your […]

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