25% of hotel rooms have bed bugs? I don’t think so.

July 2, 2008

A reporter in this video from WRAL News “5 on Your Side” in Raleigh, North Carolina says that in a study of 700 hotel rooms done from 2002-2006, 25% had bed bugs. This article from NBC 5 in Dallas / Ft. Worth cited a similar statistic: First, know that high-end hotels are not immune to […]

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The Washington Post says to ignore the bed bug media hype

February 26, 2008

Three articles on bed bugs appeared today in the Washington Post. One gives a first-person account of what was apparently a not-so-serious bed bug case, and the second shrugs away the problem as a bunch of media hype. “Yes, Tiny, Evil–and in My Bed” is the first, and provides yet another first-person account from a […]

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