Oregon bill under consideration allows for tracking bed bugs without identifying details

February 7, 2013

Oregon’s House Health Committee passed House Bill 2131 Wednesday which (if it becomes law) would help enable tracking bed bugs in the state, by permitting pest control operators to report cases without exposing clients to a “public backlash”. The bill is designed to keep the specific details of each case — who has bed bugs, […]

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Thriftlodge guest finds hypodermic needles while searching for bed bugs in hotel

July 17, 2009

Wise travelers search their hotel rooms for bed bugs before settling in.  (Our Travel FAQs are a good place to start learning how.) However, it’s worth noting you may find things besides bed bugs lurking in the room. Friday night Michigan resident Frank Escamilla rolled in to town to look into buying a house in […]

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The edge of your mattress will be loaded with bed bug eggs, or not

April 27, 2009

I think the news media should cover bed bugs more, not less. However, sometimes I am frustrated by the information readers are given. For example, a new article from KVAL in Eugene, Oregon states, A key place to look in your home is the edge of your mattress. “This will be the first place you […]

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Bed bugs infest Oregon hospital’s main lobby and offices

September 25, 2008

Bed bugs have infested the main lobby and nearby offices in the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland. Staff saw bed bugs crawling from a patient’s fanny pack: Hoping to squash a bedbug incursion, Oregon Health & Science University Hospital has sealed off part of its main lobby for decontamination after discovering the […]

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Bed bugs in hotels: how to report (and check up on) bed bug infestations

July 31, 2007

This article from Walla Walla, Washington’s Union-Bulletin, offers the standard “local story on bed bugs.” It begins with Al Grable, local Pest Control Operator (PCO): While there have apparently been no official bedbug complaints lodged against any Walla Walla county motels, local residents can’t rest easily. Al Grable, owner of Agreeable Pest Control in College […]

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Snapshot: a few hours of Bedbugger.com visitors tells us something about the spread

April 16, 2007

You can click here to see a map of the last 90 or so visitors to the site. It will look different from what I describe below, because I am writing about what I saw there about 4-5 hours ago. Now it’s almost midnight in New York, and the Aussies are starting to surf in. […]

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more lousy advice about bed bugs

December 2, 2006

One problem, since bed bug infestations are a relatively new occurrance in North America (and Europe too), is that there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there. None of us are entirely sure about how bed bugs will act, or how we should get rid of them. Some folks don’t even agree that we need […]

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