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Halifax tenants dealing with with bed bugs and unsympathetic health department

November 10, 2008

The Chronicle Herald in Halifax had more to say about bed bugs on Sunday, reminding readers that it can be hard to get a landlord to deal with bed bugs in private rentals, and pointing out exactly why the provincial government isn’t getting involved: Tenants who move into privately owned apartments already infested with bedbugs […]

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More stories of bed bugs in Halifax public housing

November 8, 2008

The Chronicle Herald’s Jeffrey Simpson told the story Friday of Clyde Burton, a Halifax man living with bed bugs for three months in his Halifax apartment: He has reported the problem repeatedly to the Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority, which has three times sent pest control companies to try ridding his apartment of the blood-sucking insects, […]

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Halifax tenants angry about bed bugs? Time for action.

June 23, 2008

A Halifax resident going by the moniker “Bugged by Bedbugs” used the soapbox “Love the way we bitch” on Halifax website The Coast, to call fellow residents to action on the bed bug issue, in a post entitled “WTF is with the bedbugs?”: There is a certain trio of dusky-colored high-rise apartment buildings in Halifax […]

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Nova Scotia home help nurses stop visiting client with bed bugs

June 12, 2008

The Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has ceased home health visits for a client while his home is treated for bed bugs. According to the Chronicle Herald: The Victorian Order of Nurses has put home care on hold for a client living in a Halifax public housing complex because of bedbugs […]

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Halifax: where the bed bug “blame game” is the law

September 1, 2007

A new article on Halifax, Nova Scotia’s bed bug epidemic, appeared in the Chronicle Herald Friday. According to the Marketplace website: In Nova Scotia, Halifax doesn’t have clear-cut legislation for dealing with bedbugs. Responsibility for extermination falls upon the tenant if a landlord can prove a tenant brought the bugs in. The Halifax agency […]

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More on Canada’s laws re: bed bugs and tenants: province by province

August 24, 2007

Our FAQ on who pays for tenants’ bed bug treatment just got a little more complete. Since this is a really helpful resource, I am blogging it too. Courtesy of the CBC’s links from its fine story on bed bugs (which remains the best television clip on bed bugs to date, hands down, in my […]

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Bed bugs in Halifax, Nova Scotia

November 24, 2006

Nova Scotia is fighting bed bugs. The Daily News of Halifax, NS reports on the bed bug epidemic there. This is a fairly informative, if brief, article. A few things are of interest. First, the reporter says that Pest control sevices provide efficient ways to deal with bedbugs. They dust and spray for bedbugs, and […]

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