When bed bugs bite in a NYC Coop

March 14, 2014

Let’s face it: bed bugs bite. But when they bite in multi-family housing with lots of owners, things get complicated. The New York Times offers advice today to a family dealing with a protracted battle with bed bugs, in a New York City cooperative apartment (“Ask Real Estate: When Bed Bugs Bite”). The resident in this […]

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Evanston, Illinois Condo Association sues owner, claiming he refused bed bug treatment

January 23, 2013

An Evanston, Illinois condo owner is being sued by the Maisonette Condominium Association.  The plaintiff claims the defendant refused to have his unit in a Sherman Avenue building treated for bed bugs, according to the Chicago Tribune. After bed bugs were discovered in September 2011, the building had treatment in each unit including that of the […]

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How the other 5% lives with bed bugs: Upper East Side, New York City

May 3, 2010

A new feature from New York Magazine explores the lives of tony Upper East Side residents who are afflicted with bed bugs. View Larger Map The article is convincing on the point that those who are well-to-do also suffer plenty from a bed bug infestation.  We knew that. And it is somewhat persuasive on the […]

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Bed bugs continue to plague Boston, but the news is not all bad

May 11, 2009

A new article from the Boston Herald warns of a difficult bed bug spring, and notes a continued yearly rise in bed bug complaints to the Boston Inspectional Services Department. The bedbug resurgence that began in the early 21st century is creeping and crawling with a vengeance, according to national and local experts, who warn […]

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Allegheny County Health Department is tracking increase of bed bugs in Pittsburgh

March 30, 2009 reports that The Allegheny County Health Department has seen an increase in calls about bedbugs. The tiny insects that live in mattresses were virtually eliminated by the use of D-D-T, a pesticide that was banned in the early ’70s. During the past several decades, the bugs have made a big comeback. Allegheny County Health […]

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Ted Kuhn Towers in Surrey, BC: an update. And it is not good.

December 16, 2008

It’s getting to the stalemate portion of the bedbugs-in-your-building experience: Ted Kuhn Tower tenants are still living with bed bugs. And management is blaming other tenants who refuse treatment and/or bring in discarded bed bug-infested gear. Here’s the problem: tenants who do cooperate with treatment should not be punished because others don’t. Read the update […]

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Why building managers must notify residents that their building has bed bugs

December 11, 2008

A news story from WBNS in Columbus demonstrates why that city needs better bed bug policies. First, consider how bed bugs spread amongst neighbors at Bollinger Towers, 750 N. High Street: Charlotte Hyajneh-Simpson thought she was lucky when her neighbor gave her his new carpet sweeper to keep. “I started using the sweeper and then […]

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YouTube video documents a serious bed bug infestation

July 10, 2008

YouTuber Tiffany8884 provides footage of multiple cups containing bed bugs she trapped in her bedroom. The final cup shown in the video contains sixteen bed bugs. None appear to be in the first few stages of development, so, given that there must be many more bed bugs at earlier stages of development, the mind boggles […]

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Bed bugs in Hamilton, Ontario: lessons for landlords and local governments

April 30, 2008

The Hamilton Spectator reports on the spread of bed bugs in that Ontario city. The story focuses on Lisa Courtney’s bed bug battle: Courtney tossed out her bed, mattress and linens. CityHousing, Hamilton’s social housing agency, had her Cumberland Avenue apartment treated and life returned to normal. But now, the bedbugs are back. Courtney’s anxiety […]

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Nicholas Brown’s Bedbug Chronicles, Part 7

November 28, 2007

Nicholas Brown: The Bedbug Chronicles: Part 7 – Living on The Huffington Post The same day that we ask, with Rene Laraine, what might be causing his bed bugs to persist despite nine bed bug treatments by licensed PCOs, Nicholas Brown brings to mind similar concerns. Brown, chronicling his bed bug experience on the Huffington […]

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Bed bugs & tenant organizing: don’t take this lying down

February 19, 2007

We know that the only way for multi-unit buildings to eliminate bed bugs (at least until the next unwitting soul brings them in) is by having a PCO who knows what they’re doing treat all affected units. In cases where there is one affected unit, all adjacent units (above, below, and on all sides) should […]

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