How about a nice 277-year-old remedy?

December 21, 2006

One reader asked how people got rid of bed bugs, say, about the year 1910 before modern chemical treatments were invented. Well, how about the year 1730 and this published formula? Warning: This is extremely flammable. We have not used this method and we strongly recommend you do not either. LETTER TO THE EDITOR (Note: […]

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Eliminating Bed Bug Phobia – yeah, right

December 21, 2006

Here’s a new way to make a buck. Changethatsrightnow devoted to curing many kinds of phobias offers to take care of your mental Cimex problem. Our board-certified team specializes in helping individuals overcome fears, phobias & anxiety of all kinds, and is particularly focused on problems such as Bed Bugs Phobia. With a success rate […]

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Bedbug balderdash

December 14, 2006

I found this website,  a supposed health information website recommending that if you have bedbugs it is good to leave your windows open … because of the sunlight that will help eradicate the bugs. Regarding your bed, Never redo your bed right away. Leave it totally undone as long as possible. Bed bugs will asphyxiate. […]

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Brent Herbert’s plans for bed bug world domination!

December 14, 2006

I started to respond in a comment to Bugzinthehood’s article below, about Brent Herbert’s ideas about Bedbugs evolving into trash-eaters, and as it became longer than the original post, I decided I’d better move it here. I have to say, Brent Herbert is off on these other issues, and I am getting a bit tired […]

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Village Voice: “Bed bugs and Beyond”

December 13, 2006

Welcome to readers of the Village Voice article by Mara Altman. Before she wrote her article, for which I declined to be interviewed, Mara Altman emailed me to ask why it is so hard to get people to speak about their experiences with bed bugs, and she wonders in this article why people who do […]

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