bed bugs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and at Cornell University dorms

November 17, 2007

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online: Stealthy bedbugs pestering the weary Bed bugs in Milwaukee, WI. Mattress covers don’t need to be “airtight” and the best ones do let air circulate. Most do not smell “a musty, sweet odor like soda”. One landlord is letting tenants out of leases and paying for one treatment in new place. (tags: […]

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bed bug news for 2007-11-16

November 15, 2007

Torontoist: BEDBUG EPIDEMIC! Not To Be Alarmist Or Anything. Torontoist includes a picture of a dust mite in their article about Paula Fletcher’s move to have bed bugs declared a “health hazard” in Toronto (item viewed 11/15 at 11 am EST). This is precisely why we keep calling for a public education campaign. (tags: dustmites […]

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Last week’s Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati

November 12, 2007

It’s a week later, but I did want to comment on the media’s follow-up from last week’s Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati, about the bed bug problem. WCPO.com’s Lynn Groud reported on the event last Monday. Hundreds of bed bug sufferers turned out. One speaker said: “For many older adults, they are a 24-hour a […]

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Warning to Bracken County, KY: don’t get caught in the bed bug blame game

November 3, 2007

More information about the Bracken County Schools bed bug situation. A new article from WCPO.com news says T&M Pest Control is treating Bracken County schools for bed bugs this weekend. Terry says, “A pest control program for bed bugs is very detailed. You’ve got to get all the crevices. We are doing a little more […]

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Bed bugs taking over Wales too; hospitals and bed bugs

October 21, 2007

Welsh Bedbuggers would do well not to put too much stock in this article from Wales on Sunday via icWales.com, since it repeatedly refers to bed bugs as “mites” (hint: bed bugs are insects; mites belong to the class Arachnida (as do spiders). Not bad for a humanities major, eh folks? The article suggests hospitals […]

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Bed bugs usually plague a city for a few weeks before being eradicated. Really, Waterbury Health Department?

September 23, 2007

IMG_1153.JPG Photo by ry_aka_olympia Waterbury, Connecticut has had a recent bed bug outbreak in a number of locations. Last week, we were told in the Republican-American online of these locations with bed bug infestations, which had been reported to the Health Dept.: 553 South Main St. (two apartments in a multi-unit building; all the rest […]

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The Times (UK) on bed bug epidemic in the USA

August 30, 2007

I was perplexed by this article from August 20th in the Times (London, not New York) about the spread of bed bugs, mainly because it was only about the bed bug epidemic in the USA. Times reporter Chris Ayres writes from Los Angeles, Five decades after being declared officially dead, the most toe-curling of all […]

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New Yorkers: a real-life “I called 311 to report bed bugs” story

August 29, 2007

I always rant and rave about the absurdity of New York City officials basing their statistics of the incidence of bed bugs in NYC on the number of people who call 311 to report bed bugs as a housing violation. Here is my rant on NYC statistics, for those who have not read it before. […]

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Bed Bugs in NYC schools: DOE spokeswoman Marjorie Feinberg needs better bed bug information

July 8, 2007

Angela Montefinise updated us today in The New York Post on the issue of bed bugs in the schools. The good news: Months after elected officials and parents complained the city was not doing enough to alert school communities about bedbug outbreaks, the Department of Education issued its first-ever policy to cope with the vermin. […]

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Attention Oxford Mail editors: bed bugs did not return because students suddenly stopped cleaning their flats

July 7, 2007

In this article from Friday’s Oxford (UK) Mail, journalist Giles Sheldrick tries to drive home the point that unclean homes, or people who don’t clean often, or who have poor hygeine, are “responsible for bed bugs.” Students are partly to blame for an explosion in bed bugs in Oxford, according to pest control experts Rentokil. […]

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Bed bugs also causing havoc in England & Northern Ireland: university residence, hospital staff residence, possibly a school, infested

June 19, 2007

In light of the story from Ireland today, I wanted to check in on England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and so I looked through the BBC’s coverage of bed bugs over the past year. On August 17th, 2006 the BBC reported that a residence for doctors and nurses in a hospital in Fermanagh, Northern […]

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Denver’s elderly, disabled, fight bed bug Shaq attack

June 16, 2007

This one is going to break your heart, and piss you off. The Rocky Mountain News reported Friday on a Denver infestation in a 197-unit building called Halcyon House that houses disabled and elderly people in affordable units. Nasty, badly kept, bed bug-infested affordable units (oh, and did I mention the plumbing was broken too?) […]

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