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Public housing tenants living with bed bugs for 3.5 years

April 27, 2010

Remember the Connie Griffith / Ballard Towers, in Lexington, Kentucky? In November, 2008, we told you that some of the complex’s public housing tenants had been suffering with bed bugs for two years.  Next month, it will be three and a half years that some tenants have been living with this pest. And as WKYT […]

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Sweet Dreams Project: Astoria businessman donating mattresses to those with bed bugs

May 23, 2008

The Sweet Dreams Project seems like a nice idea: the Daily News reports that an Astoria businessman, Marcos Maldonado, is raising money to donate new mattresses to kids in Queens, to replace those “infected” with bed bugs: A bedbug epidemic in her Astoria apartment building forced Ellie Maldonado, 42, to discard her mattress last year. […]

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New mattress encasement comparison test data

April 20, 2008

Note that these tests were carried out many years ago. Many products have been created or updated and tested since then. See the Bed Bug Encasements page for the most up to date information we have, and links to more recent testing data. Rick Cooper recently made a presentation at the ESA (December 2007) based […]

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Bed bugs where you do expect to find them: Boston Globe on hotels hiring bed bug dogs

January 3, 2008

The Boston Globe has a new article about bed bugs, mainly focusing on how ten or so hotels in Boston are employing a bed bug dog to do regular walkthroughs. In the 3 1/2 years it’s been open, Jurys Boston Hotel has never found bedbugs on its premises, nor have its guests complained about being […]

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bed bugs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and at Cornell University dorms

November 17, 2007

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online: Stealthy bedbugs pestering the weary Bed bugs in Milwaukee, WI. Mattress covers don’t need to be “airtight” and the best ones do let air circulate. Most do not smell “a musty, sweet odor like soda”. One landlord is letting tenants out of leases and paying for one treatment in new place. (tags: […]

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National Allergy mattress bed bug encasement test results

September 11, 2007

Editor’s note: since this post, developments have been made in the manufacturing and testing of encasements, and our recommendations have changed. Please read the Encasements page before deciding on an encasement. As many readers know, many of us use National Allergy mattress encasements on our mattresses (and box springs, if we have them), and I […]

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So many bad bedbug-fighting practices, so little time

October 28, 2006

Public officials make so many mistakes when it comes to bedbugs, that Bedbugger almost can’t keep up. Today, an article in the Rhode Island News provides just one example. A Cranston, RI shelter was so infested that 70 residents and housing advocates marched to the State House, seeking the Governor’s help. (You need a login, […]

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