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New York Times story on how libraries and their patrons respond to bed bug risks

December 6, 2012

New York Times journalist Catherine Saint Louis has a new story today about bed bugs in libraries. The article describes ways various libraries in the US have responded to bed bug infestations or tried to prevent them, and how library patrons are themselves responding to the risk of bed bugs in libraries and library books. […]

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Bed bugs allegedly bite “X Factor” finalists in LA hotel

November 13, 2011

Four finalists on the television talent show “X Factor” claim to have been bitten in the Grafton, their Los Angeles hotel, this week, according to TMZ, which notes the contestants have now been moved to new lodgings. However, our regular readers will likely be even more interested in the TMZ graphic accompanying the piece, which […]

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A different kind of bed bug story

February 20, 2010

Molly McAleer offers The AWL’s readers a different first person account of bed bugs, illustrated with bite pictures (and yes, those are definitely different too). She is another bed bug survivor, with a deadbeat landlord and infested neighbors in Koreatown, Los Angeles. But the article is not your typical tale of bed bug woe. As […]

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bed bugs in Los Angeles

August 13, 2007

Leslie Earnest of the Los Angeles Times reports on bed bugs today. Can I just be blunt here? I like it when reporters, like Earnest, talk to Dr. Michael Potter of the University of Kentucky. They often seem to know what is what. Bedbugs hitchhike on humans or in luggage and burrow into bedding, books, […]

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Article in LA Times: bed bug press is good press, with a few reservations

January 29, 2007

A new bed bugs article in the LA Times today: nothing we haven’t seen before. It’s a fairly decent article with everything you expect: interviews with sufferers that convey the difficulty of dealing with this problem, quotes from entomologists about the scope and spread of bed bugs (I’m glad Dini Miller used the term “plague”!), […]

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