landlords and bed bugs

Bed bugs in Hamilton, Ontario: lessons for landlords and local governments

April 30, 2008

The Hamilton Spectator reports on the spread of bed bugs in that Ontario city. The story focuses on Lisa Courtney’s bed bug battle: Courtney tossed out her bed, mattress and linens. CityHousing, Hamilton’s social housing agency, had her Cumberland Avenue apartment treated and life returned to normal. But now, the bedbugs are back. Courtney’s anxiety […]

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Bed bugs in Lincoln, Nebraska

January 26, 2008 in Omaha reports on Angie Rempe, who’s been living with bed bugs for eight months. “By the time we found out what they were, they had totally coated the seams of the mattresses,” said Rempe. She now finds bed bugs in the baseboards, closets and in cracks in the ceiling of her apartment. The […]

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