How accurate are human bed bug inspectors, k9s?

April 17, 2008

This article in the Danbury, Connecticut News-Times trumpets the arrival of Squirt, a new bed bug dog who will be working with local Pest Control firm Amtech. The dog was trained by Pepe Peruyero, and dog and trainer are learning to work together. What caught my eye was this snippet: “Humans can see bedbugs 50 […]

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The Daily News on bed bug dogs; a Bedbugger idea for avoiding bed bugs while traveling

March 3, 2008

Carl Massicott and Vince Mangano, bed bug dog handlers of Radar and Taz, who are regularly called to sniff in the New York area, were featured in this Daily News article Monday. According to the article, it’s hard to keep up with demand for the doggy detectives. But here’s what caught my eye in the […]

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Mr. K, a North Carolina bed bug dog, in action

February 26, 2008

Click here for footage from WBTV News 3 shows Mr. K working with bed bug dog handler Mike Rogers, in North Carolina. And can anyone tell us which outfit trained Mr. K? The news story is imperfect otherwise, but wanted to share this because people are always looking for ways of detecting bed bugs. (Thanks, […]

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How can I catch a bed bug? How do I know I have bed bugs?

February 18, 2008

Attention! Since this FAQ was written (2/2008) many advances have been made in detecting bed bugs using active and passive bed bug monitors. Active bed bug monitors are available which did not exist when forum users suggested the methods below. Canine scent detection (bed bug dogs) are also more common every day. Please read this […]

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Consumers, before you hire one, find out what that bed bug dog can do!

August 14, 2007

Update (2011): The field of canine scent detection for bed bugs has changed considerably since this post was written in 2007. Consumers considering hiring bed bug sniffing dogs should read our FAQ on canine scent detection which is much more recent than the discussion below. This article by Leslie Earnest in the LA Times business […]

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University of Florida researcher to study effectiveness of bed bug dogs

July 17, 2007

Pest Control Technology Online reported last week that FAIRFAX, VA.  The National Pest Management Association’s Pest Management Foundation recently awarded grants to the University of Florida’s Dr. Faith Oi to determine the effectiveness of canines as bed bug detectors and Clemson University’s Dr. Patricia Zungoli to study the giant needle ant, an invasive species that […]

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University of Florida tests bed bug dogs

May 15, 2007

The University of Florida News reports on tests being run by U of F researchers on bed bug dogs: Nine-pound Nudie’s feet skitter across the concrete floor as she speeds by, keeping her tiny nose to the ground. She scurries around the perimeter of a bed, then hops on top. “Find your B’s, find your […]

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