There’s an app for this: Bed Bug Identifier

December 9, 2009

David James is known to many of us as the creator of the Packtite (the FAQ on the Packtite is here). You may have noticed he now has a new iPhone and iPod Touch Application: Bed Bug Identifier. It’s $4.99 from the iTunes applications store. Bed Bug Identifier’s “Reference” section includes articles (insects mistaken for […]

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Let’s play “bed bugs/not bed bugs”

May 14, 2009

If the new “Bed Bugs” game for iPhone/iPod Touch actually had you blasting away graphics of bed bugs, instead of nebulous blobby creatures with one eye, it might be kind of cool. As is, it’s just more sad evidence that people do not know what bed bugs are. [Updated 3/27/2013]

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