bed bug news for 2007-11-14

November 13, 2007 | Battling bedbugs is not easy: Joe Fiorito talks to Steve Floros of Toronto Community Housing: This is a public housing official: “We have a program of unit refurbishment. We’re spending $75 million over three years to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms; we want to seal every crack so there isn’t free ability of the […]

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The Times (UK) on bed bug epidemic in the USA

August 30, 2007

I was perplexed by this article from August 20th in the Times (London, not New York) about the spread of bed bugs, mainly because it was only about the bed bug epidemic in the USA. Times reporter Chris Ayres writes from Los Angeles, Five decades after being declared officially dead, the most toe-curling of all […]

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Stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment in Charlotte: let’s start the blame game

June 14, 2007

Okay, I think everyone here agrees that there were multiple causes for the rise of bed bugs after their 50-year disappearance in the US: the end of routine baseboard spraying which was done until the early 1990’s and fell out of favor with the invention of effective roach baits, the outlawing of DDT as a […]

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Bed bugs in almost all 58 states… (okay, um, all 50 states)

June 4, 2007

Some people rush to find blame. Why did bed bugs come back? Why now? Let’s find a scapegoat! It’s not much fun to tell the truth and say that we’re not exactly sure, but that the elimination of routine baseboard spraying in homes (as a roach and general insect preventative), the move to baits and […]

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