Bed bugs usually plague a city for a few weeks before being eradicated. Really, Waterbury Health Department?

September 23, 2007

IMG_1153.JPG Photo by ry_aka_olympia Waterbury, Connecticut has had a recent bed bug outbreak in a number of locations. Last week, we were told in the Republican-American online of these locations with bed bug infestations, which had been reported to the Health Dept.: 553 South Main St. (two apartments in a multi-unit building; all the rest […]

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FAQ: Do I have to tell my landlord / co-op board / condo association / residents of attached house next door?

July 3, 2007

Often, people are embarrassed about dealing with bed bugs, and want to deal with their own infestation quietly and discreetly. Maybe they told the landlord before, and the problem was mishandled, eliminating the bed bugs for a short time, and the person wants to deal with things properly this time. Maybe they think they brought […]

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Sydney, Toronto, NYC: a tale of three bed bug cities

March 15, 2007

According to the clustermap, we have a number of readers in Australia. And in neighboring Aotearoa/New Zealand too–in fact, I’m a bit worried about New Zealand–a few more of those red dots on the clustermap, and the island is going to disappear from the map like the much smaller island group of Hawai’i has, under […]

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