Hints from Bed Bug Helloise

Hints from Bed Bug Helloise: Hollywood purse hook, anyone?

July 8, 2008

Hints from Bed Bug Helloise has been on a long hiatus. Our Helloise doesn’t often see anything she wants to share with Bedbuggers. We all have too much stuff anyway, don’t we? But she recently came across this item: the Hollywood Purse Hook. The manufacturers claim it will hold a purse dangling from a table […]

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Hints from (Bed Bug) Helloise: your bedbug-opinions on hanging Space Bags, Space Bag Totes

December 26, 2006

Bed Bug Helloise writes: Our home was covered in XL ziplocs full of clothes and linens; you couldn’t even twirl a masked assassin bug in here. So we got some space bags: they seem airtight enough, if you vacuum them carefully (though sometimes they re-inflate). However, they should best be kept standing up vertically, according […]

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Hints from Bed Bug Helloise: more bed bug fighting design solutions, and some serious questions about clothing

December 21, 2006

from (Bed Bug) Helloise: Contributor Parakeets wrote in response to our last furnishing post, I am buying disposable furniture, in preparation for when I hopefully will move (once I figure out how to move without taking bedbugs with me, or how I might be able to afford a single family house.) For example, I bought […]

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Furnishing a bed bug-free home: suggestions?

December 19, 2006

The recent invitation for readers to ply (Bed Bug) Helloise with requests for advice gave way to a discussion of products which make it easier to get rid of bed bugs, or prevent reinfestations. Although some would argue that furniture does not need to be discarded, some of you have gotten rid of wooden furniture, […]

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Hints from Bed Bug Helloise!

December 16, 2006

Dear Readers, We’re going to have a new writer posting to the blog, with her helpful hints for bed bug etiquette, bed bug dating advice, decorating a bedbug-free home, or furnishing your foxhole during the bed bug wars. Her name is (Bed Bug) Helloise. Helloise is neither a professional decorator nor a relationship expert, and […]

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