Colleges react to bed bugs: Loyola (Chicago), Boston University, Brigham Young (Hawaii)

September 30, 2009

There are a lot of reports about bed bugs in colleges this week, in the wake of the recent high profile John Jay College bed bug infestation (and the less high profile Manhattan College bed bug troubles). The Loyola Phoenix reports that Loyola University in Chicago was treating bed bugs with steam and pesticides, encasing […]

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Tracking bed bugs in Hawai’i

March 29, 2009

Check out New York vs. Bed Bugs, where Renee gives the low-down on the tracking of bed bugs in Hawai’i: A bed bug survey in Oahu.

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Hawaiian hotel is largest structure ever fumigated for bed bugs

November 25, 2008

An upscale hotel in Kona, Hawai’i is now the largest structure ever to be fumigated for bed bugs, according to this PCTOnline article. KONA, HAWAII — Nov. 24, 2008 — Kama’aina Termite & Pest Control recently completed work at the largest structure ever to be fumigated for bed bugs: an upscale hotel in Kona, Hawaii. […]

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Bed bugs appear in a Time article on Obama’s upcoming Hawaii trip

August 8, 2008

Bed bugs are now more widely found on media reports on broader topics than bed bug infestations and new bed bug-proof mattress encasements. For example, this article from Time about Barack Obama’s upcoming week-long vacation visit to his native Hawai’i: Obama is also scheduled to hold a fundraiser at the posh Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki […]

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What is a bed bug infestation? One bed bug? Twenty bed bugs? 200 bed bugs?!?

May 5, 2008

This bed bug story from KHON2 (Fox) in Honolulu interested me. First, it’s a cautionary tale about how easily bed bugs spread: this woman says she spent one hour at an event held in a hotel lounge and then unwittingly took bed bugs home: Yumi Suh says she and several friends spent just over an […]

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Bed bugs at Hawai’i’s Halawa Correctional Facility

March 28, 2008

KHON 2 News in Hawai’i reports that staff areas at the state’s Halawa Correctional Facility have been infested with bed bugs since September. According to a corrections officer, the problem is so bad in staff controlled areas, there was even talk of closing down one of the modules at the facility.The officer, who wanted to […]

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a bed bug story from Hawai’i; Fagerlund on aerosol bombs and pesticides

November 26, 2007

Hawai’i: Kamehameha housing project infested with bed bugs “Eight people share a two-bedroom apartment in Leslie’s family. . . . Recently, they had to get rid of three beds and a sofa infested by bedbugs — ‘My kids were eaten alive!’ Most of them have been sleeping on the floor until donated beds arrive, but […]

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Hawai’i PCO says bed bugs are an epidemic there

November 4, 2007

Click here to watch the video of or read Diane Ako’s report for KHNL8 News. Includes an interview with Terminix PCO Carlton Agena.

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