Mark Sheperdigian on what consumers should know about bed bugs; also, neonicotinoids, and why bed bugs came back

January 6, 2009

Pest Management Professional’s articles are often so good, but in the past, you had to know to look for them. (Thank goodness they added an RSS feed so we can subscribe.) Mark Sheperdigian brings the bed bug information in three “new to us” articles: the first is on what consumers need to know about bed […]

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Ancient Hungarian Bed Bug Curse?

November 22, 2008

If all else has failed, or things just aren’t working as quickly as you’d like, obviously make sure you have an experienced professional who knows bed bugs working on your case. And then, try Itchy-Scratchy’s Ancient Hungarian Bed Bug Curse.

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King of Queens: “Buggie Nights” episode about bed bugs found!

October 30, 2008

bugbattler did us all a huge favor and found the episode of the King of Queens featuring a bed bug infestation. It came out in February of 2006 as hopelessnomo pointed out here. They get a lot of things wrong, as you might expect, but they also get quite a bit right. My favorite quote? […]

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Nebraska library hosts “Bed Bugs” pyjamas story time

June 21, 2008

The Grand Island, Nebraska Independent [dead link to article removed] reports that the local library’s Children’s Summer Reading Program will feature a story called “Bed Bugs” Tuesday evening: “Bed Bugs,” at 6:30 p.m. is a family story time where kids can come dressed in their pajamas. In their pajamas! Perhaps hot on the heels of […]

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Bed bugs, 1980s style

May 2, 2008

Ahhhh, the 80s. A time when so few children in North America encountered real bed bugs that this game was not considered creepy. I especially like that the hopping bed bugs bounce the gentleman’s bed right out of the room. I remain amazed that this show remains so beloved.

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Mugwumps Bed Bug Murder t-shirts

April 9, 2008

Remember this old thing? A William Burroughs fan has transformed it into this. Yes, you can get it on a t-shirt. I know our Winston will be all over these. Nobugs did not even know William Burroughs was an “exterminator” (or that this figured in his novels), though she did know he once “exterminated” his […]

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scaring British children; bed bugs and renter’s insurance; bed bug reality show

December 16, 2007

Today’s bed bug news: CBBC Newsround | UK | Look out, there are bedbugs about How to scare the children, from the Children’s BBC. Remember it was just a few years ago when the CBBC thought bed bugs were the same as dust mites. We’ve come a long way, babies. San Jose Mercury News – […]

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The Simpsons namechecks our little friends

December 13, 2007

(by hopelessnomo) NYJammin watched The Simpsons last Sunday. She, unlike the rest of you, gentle readers, who could have called the Bedbugger hotline but inexplicably chose not to, shared the joy: Marge was putting baby Maggie to bed. En route to Maggie’s crib, Marge was saying goodnight with the baby to some of the stuffed […]

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Let’s get into that holiday spirit

December 8, 2007

There’s nothing worse than bed bugs during the holidays. But we still have to celebrate life, family, and love. Toss in a litte gallows humor (so beloved of Bedbuggers) and you have Bed Bug Holiday Songs: NotSoSnug has started us off, messaging me with his Christmas carol to the tune of “Chestnuts Roasting on an […]

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Behold, friends, an animated bed bug comic

November 11, 2007

by Hopelessnomo Something to raise your spirits and make your bedbugged Sunday whole: Note: the (awesome!) artist, kraystone, wishes to remind everyone that bed bugs are very hard to combat and are best left to PCOs. 😉 As long as there are artists, we are safe! Thank you, kraystone!

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Bed bug postage stamps!

September 24, 2007

Spread the news about bed bugs with an icky postage stamp designed by Gary_Alpert (made with zazzle, which lets you make your own legal US postage stamps). It’s $14.95 for a sheet of 20, so I don’t expect these to catch on very soon, except maybe as collector’s items for the entomologist in your life. […]

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Burned by bed bugs? A cool vacation idea…

September 12, 2007

Have you been a cautious traveler since you first met Mr. Cimex Lectularius? Do you long to go on vacation, but the hotel room search for bed bugs gives you the heebie jeebies? Well, this suggestion is a bit far out. But it might be a good break for people in that situation. You might […]

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