Boston Globe on the second hand furniture “industry” and bed bugs

August 31, 2008

This article was not primarily about bed bugs; it was mainly about college students, and how it’s harder than ever to furnish a student apartment from things you find on the curb. The reasons given: more competition, including not just students, but from people who buy and sell used items, and also young professionals who […]

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The bed bug times are a’ changin’, ever so slowly

May 22, 2008

Or so it would seem. Earlier this week, there was the bed bug bill in the U.S. Congress. And yesterday, an article in the Maine Switch (a website for those in Greater Portland) about the city’s yearly trash pick-up of bulky trash items. Not surprisingly, the day is a yearly impromptu festival for bargain hunters […]

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Near-sighted paper celebrates dumpster diving outside NYU dorms. Oh, New York Times!

June 22, 2007

The New York Times is fickle. In the last year, they’ve scared the pants off of New Yorkers by publishing scary articles about how bed bugs were spreading around the city and what you need to do if you find them. So imagine my surprise to find that yesterday, Steven Kuritz published an article in […]

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