Zen and the Art of Bed Bug Prep? And positive thinking and bed bugs.

December 14, 2008

Well, okay, not Zen exactly. I enjoyed reading some of New 2 The City’s blog entries about bed bugs.  In this post, she describes going through her books over the bathtub, before bagging them and placing them in sealed containers: Upon confirming that my apartment was infested with BBs, I was instructed to put everything […]

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Ancient Hungarian Bed Bug Curse?

November 22, 2008

If all else has failed, or things just aren’t working as quickly as you’d like, obviously make sure you have an experienced professional who knows bed bugs working on your case. And then, try Itchy-Scratchy’s Ancient Hungarian Bed Bug Curse.

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a note to forum users: the “Anonymous” problem

November 29, 2007

Just a note: if you originally registered on the forums (rather than the blog) and have been unable to login (and appearing as “Anon” here), your troubles should have disappeared.  If not, email me: nobugs A T bedbugger D O T com. Thanks for your patience!

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The strange case of bed bugs in Bushwick

September 14, 2007

Welcome to Brooklyn Originally uploaded by TheGirlsNY Bushwick, Brooklyn is home to two large dueling loft buildings: 248 and 255 McKibbin Street. Yes, that’s right: they’re buildings so hip, fun, and now, they have their own myspace pages. (Don’t laugh, but we have one too.) Gawker did an article today about the buildings’ problems with […]

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Good news: forums fixed

March 27, 2007

Well, I think we should all experiment a bit with the forums. The blog is a place for posts and related discussions. But you can post your own questions on the forums. If you have a “tale of bed bug woe” or a question of any kind, start a new topic on the forum. Click […]

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