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Finally, somebody does something: Cincinnati’s new Bed Bug Remediation Commission

September 7, 2007

We’ve been following the bed bug situation in Cincinnati for a while. Yesterday, Joe Wessels of the Cincinnati Post reported that city officials were forming a commission to fight the problem: The Bedbug Remediation Commission, a five-member panel of local health, social service and elected leaders, is in the process of forming and will try […]

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New Yorkers: a real-life “I called 311 to report bed bugs” story

August 29, 2007

I always rant and rave about the absurdity of New York City officials basing their statistics of the incidence of bed bugs in NYC on the number of people who call 311 to report bed bugs as a housing violation. Here is my rant on NYC statistics, for those who have not read it before. […]

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Flea market nightstand: $10. Bed bug treatment: $3000. No more bed bugs: priceless.

August 1, 2007

CBS2 news in Chicago reports that a family in St. Charles, Illinois, believes they got bed bugs from a $10 flea market nightstand. First the little girl, then mom Amanda Thor and the baby were all bitten by bed bugs. (Click on the top right to view the video.) Less than a week after the […]

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Bed bugs and marketing (again)

July 13, 2007

We’ve talked in the past about the continued use of bed bugs in children’s television, videos and toys, and store names–all places where people would never want to conjure up images and sensations associated with real bed bugs. It’s a sign, of course, that everyone doesn’t yet get how nasty they are, yet. Here’s a […]

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