Bed bugs at home: should you tell people at work?

November 2, 2010

A story of an employee who was ostracized for having bed bugs at home turned up in Joe Fiorito’s column in The Star on Tuesday. The man, Mel, told co-workers who wondered why he was scratching about his bed bugs at home. Fiorito writes: Mel works with a dozen other men; a city job, to […]

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2 workers claim they were punished for asking about bed bugs at work

February 12, 2008

The Jersey Journal reports (via nj.com) that Renée Meyers and Gail Krone, who work as cleaners at the County Administration Building on Newark Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey, asked a supervisor about whether there were bed bugs in the holding cells: “All we wanted was someone to tell whether the holding cells in the […]

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Covington, Kentucky IRS building infested with bed bugs

January 11, 2008

The Gateway Center, a building in Covington, Ohio Kentucky where 5,000 IRS employees work, has bed bugs. The article implies that treatments have occurred at four-week intervals: Gateway Center officials said that after the first bug was found on the third floor in October, all floors were chemically treated. Those treatments are scheduled on a […]

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Comment from APilot about bed bugs

March 21, 2007

(Editor’s Note: APilot wrote on the “Where do I start?” page, and I am reposting it here so it will get more readers.) APilot writes: This is from a letter I’m writing for my union publication. Any feedback? What do wheals and papules have to do with my career in Aviation? “Nothing,” I thought until […]

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