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Bed bug notice: East Village, NYC, January 2008

February 16, 2008

A bed bug notice found in a building lobby in Manhattan, by our stealthy photo contributor, iPhone Interloper. Good: Building management admitting problem publicly, posting notice. Notice asking for bed bug reports. Notice reminding tenants secondhand mattresses are a no-no. Notice is building-wide even though only one unit has apparently identified a bed bug problem. […]

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Bed Bug sightings in the media today: NYC, North Carolina, Vancouver Island.

February 3, 2007

by Nobugsonme I am glad that I’m not the only one who takes photos of curb-side bedbug garbage. Now Gawker has joined in, and thankfully, found stuff tagged with a bed bug warning. See East Village Bed Bug Outbreak. Oh, Gawker, if only it was just E. 10th St. If only it were just the […]

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