Is BC Housing in Vancouver considering the drilling-and-DE method for bedbugs?

October 29, 2008

The Official 2010 Olympics Newswire blogger David Eby says News is ripping through the DTES that BC Housing may have found an effective way to control bedbug populations in SRO hotels. The DTES is Vancouver’s bed bug-beleaguered Downtown Eastside. And now, Eby continues, BC Housing determined that ‘food grade diatomaceous earth, fresh water based’ within […]

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Itchy the Bed Bug: an Olympic Mascot for Vancouver

February 1, 2008

Vancouver | Homes Not Games Originally uploaded by ardenstreet Graffiti from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Remember VANDU? They’re the grassroots community group in Vancouver that got a grant and implemented a plan to help fight bed bugs in Vancouver’s beleaguered Downtown Eastside. Well, they’re back at it, this time as one of the sponsors of this […]

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