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Soundbites from the EPA National Bed Bug Summit

April 16, 2009

We look forward to hearing more about what happened in Arlington, Virginia these last two days, at the EPA National Bed Bug Summit. This video from the Associated Press has some nice snippets from Dini Miller, Harold Harlan, and others, speaking at the conference. Pete Grasso of the PMP blog liveblogged the bed bug summit. […]

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Mark Sheperdigian on what consumers should know about bed bugs; also, neonicotinoids, and why bed bugs came back

January 6, 2009

Pest Management Professional’s articles are often so good, but in the past, you had to know to look for them. (Thank goodness they added an RSS feed so we can subscribe.) Mark Sheperdigian brings the bed bug information in three “new to us” articles: the first is on what consumers need to know about bed […]

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More bed bug research: Stephen Kells at the University of Minnesota

April 3, 2008

Richard Shin reports for The Pioneer Press on research being done by Stephen Kells on bed bugs at the University of Minnesota. Kells is at least one of the entomologists working on making an effective bed bug trap. Alas, “we’re quite a distance off” from a monitoring trap, Kells said. Eventually, it will be a […]

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