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14.5% of Cincinnati residents surveyed have had bed bugs?!?

December 27, 2008

New York vs. Bed Bugs points out the distressing data from a recent survey: the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Joint Bed Bug Task Force (JBBTF) sponsored a series of questions in a survey conducted by The University of Cincinnati Institute for Policy Research. They found that 14.5% of Cincinnati residents surveyed had had bed bugs. Renee of […]

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Man blew up apartment while trying to self-treat a bug infestation

July 22, 2008

MSNBC reports that an Eatontown, NJ man blew his apartment up while trying to get rid of insects with bug spray in his apartment: The accident occurred as [Isias Vidal] Maceda was spraying for pests in his kitchen. Somehow the bug spray ignited a blast that blew out the apartment’s front windows and triggered a […]

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Bed bug spray and coffee: Cincinnati needs professional help

October 31, 2007
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No, not that DDT debate. A different one, trust me. Read on.

October 17, 2007

[Deleted.] Sorry– the post is gone: removed at the request of the young person who wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. Traditional steps are being taken to eradicate bed bugs, and we wish this individual well. Sorry to delete your comments which were so well-conceived, but we were all young once– Nobugs too!

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Saudi Arabian tragedy: a reminder to use pesticides appropriately and as labeled

August 14, 2007

This is just horrible. The Arab News reports that in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, two sisters died tragically and a third is hospitalized after their father used an industrial insecticide not meant for home use, in an attempt to kill bed bugs in their home.  The product was sold in a local store.

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June 14, 2007

I love I really do. But with all due respect, I think Maxwell is still misunderstanding some key points about bed bugs. Two months ago, as you may recall, loyal Bedbugger S. wrote to Maxwell to correct some misinformation in the Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure book, which suggested something to the […]

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And so, it gets worse: bed bugs on the move

June 7, 2007

A news round-up for today: This article in the Quad-Cities Online reported yesterday on bed bug infestations in a public housing complex in East Moline, Illinois. The reporter quotes one resident who has been battling bed bugs since fall. “I work too. My tax dollars are going to support places like this (government run low-income […]

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Bed bugs – is DIY bed bug treatment a good idea?

January 8, 2007

Is DIY treatment for bed bugs a good idea? In most cases, no. At least not as a sole treatment plan. Click here to read the short version of this FAQ, including reasons not to do your own bed bug treatment and what you need to know if you must do your own treatment. A […]

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