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Bed bugs can be detected using homemade interceptor bed bug traps

May 28, 2014

Think you have bed bugs? Short on cash? Commercial bed bug traps (such as those in our FAQ on bed bug monitors) can cost $20 per bed or more. The University of Florida has now produced a helpful video explaining how consumers can construct homemade interceptor bed bug traps. (Click here to view the video […]

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Bed bugs in the media: David Cain on British radio, Dr. Susan Jones in the Plain Dealer

August 12, 2009

Bed bug specialists David Cain (of and active in our Bedbugger Forums) and Dr. Susan C. Jones (of Ohio State University) have been in the press this week, spreading good information about bed bugs. David Cain was interviewed by BBC Derby’s Aleena Naylor on her morning show today. The approximately ten-minute interview starts at […]

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Another bed bug trap in the works

June 8, 2008

So far, there is no accurate bed bug trap available for sale, though we have heard various teams are working on them (including some researchers who are trying to produce a trap using aggregate pheromones to attract bed bugs). This article from the Press of Atlantic City is a general “introduction to bed bugs” article […]

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Mr. K, a North Carolina bed bug dog, in action

February 26, 2008

Click here for footage from WBTV News 3 shows Mr. K working with bed bug dog handler Mike Rogers, in North Carolina. And can anyone tell us which outfit trained Mr. K? The news story is imperfect otherwise, but wanted to share this because people are always looking for ways of detecting bed bugs. (Thanks, […]

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Bowling Green Towers: another infestation in elderly and disabled housing

February 5, 2008

Jim Gaines Reports for the Bowling Green Daily News (Bowling Green, Kentucky) that A few of the roughly 200 residents in Bowling Green Towers at 1149 College St. have had restless nights due to a pesky problem. Several apartment-dwellers have reported an infestation of bedbugs – but health officials say trouble is being squashed before […]

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Bed bugs in North Jersey

February 5, 2008

Marsha Stoltz provided a typical regional bed bug news story in The Record Sunday: Creepy crawly creatures have always been a predictable, if dreaded, part of multi-housing life because of the ease with which they move from unit to unit along shared pipes, wires and cable lines. Landlords and buildings managers typically address these concerns […]

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