Cincinnati Health Department

A tale of two bed bug-troubled cities: Cincinnati, Columbus

May 23, 2009

My report about the Hillrise Apartments in Cincinnati the other day highlighted what can happen when local officials stop inspecting rental units based on bed bug complaints. As you’ll recall, funding was cut at the end of 2008 for the Cincinnati Health Department’s bed bug inspection program. Here’s another story with bedbugged tenants, this time […]

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Towels under the door: when cities abandon tenants with bed bugs

May 21, 2009

This is what happens when local authorities cannot help low-income tenants get help and treatment for bed bugs.  WLWT in Cincinnati reports that the Hillrise Apartments for Seniors in College Hill still has a serious bed bug problem. Cincinnati, you’ll remember, did not fund its Health Department’s bed bug inspection program in their last budget, […]

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Cincinnati stops bed bug inspections; MSNBC touts Cincinnati’s educational campaign; hmpf.

January 7, 2009

Cincinnati’s health department got almost 11 times as many requests for help with bed bugs in 2008 compared with 2007 (the number jumped from 70 to 750).  And the Cincinnati Enquirer reports today that they’ve now ceased inspecting for bed bugs. Hmpf. We knew this was coming when the 2009 budget did not include the […]

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Forget bed bugs “over there” in Cincinnati. Look in your own sofa cushions!

January 6, 2009

This in a new article from WLWT NBC 5 in Cincinnati: Dr. Camille Jones, assistant health commissioner for the Cincinnati Health Department, said the city’s bedbugs have gained fame not because its problem is worse than other cities, but because local officials have more aggressively tackled the problem. “We’re trying to get ahead of it, […]

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Cincinnati cuts budget, cancels $290K bed bug inspection program

December 16, 2008

This does not seem good. At all. Cincinnati’s newly approved budget cut $290,000 — a choice which, according to this article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, cancels a bed bug inspection program. What was approved in the budget? — $1.8 million for police overtime walking patrols; — Restoration of the appliance collection service, but for a […]

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Cincinnati city/county combined bed bug task force drafts bed bug plan, not a moment too soon

March 28, 2008

Rich Jaffe reported today for Local 12 in Cincinnati that the combined city/county bed bug task force (Greater Cincinnati in Ohio, and Hamilton County, Kentucky Ohio) has released a draft report of their plan to combat bed bugs. Jaffe also reports on one Silverton, Ohio building that is infested with bed bugs, and one tenant, who moved to […]

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Last week’s Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati

November 12, 2007

It’s a week later, but I did want to comment on the media’s follow-up from last week’s Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati, about the bed bug problem.’s Lynn Groud reported on the event last Monday. Hundreds of bed bug sufferers turned out. One speaker said: “For many older adults, they are a 24-hour a […]

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Urgent: if you’re in Cincinnati…

November 5, 2007

… you might want to go to this meeting tonight (11/5). Peggy O’Farrell reports for the Cincinnati Enquirer vis Learn more about how officials are responding to bedbug infestations in Cincinnati at a town hall meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency, 1740 Langdon Farm Road, Bond Hill. State […]

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