World exclusive: bitten by bed bugs on purpose! (Part 2)

April 19, 2007

Editor’s note: this is Part 2 in a series of two three. If you have not read yesterday’s Part 1, you’ll want to read it first. What We Learned, So Far (Day 2) by S George did not react immediately, and still has not reacted. It’s now the next day. So we now know that […]

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World exclusive: bitten by bed bugs on purpose (part 1)

April 18, 2007

Editor’s note from Nobugsonme: this is an exciting story. I must confess, I thought S and G were mad when they decided to beg their PCO/entomologist friend to let them be bitten by bed bugs. He must have too: he made them sign a waiver, but he let them experiment. I am really amazed at […]

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Lingering sensations, phantom bed bug bites: what does a bed bug infestation really do to our skin?

March 16, 2007

Disclaimer: This post is speculative: I don’t understand this phenomenon, or what causes it, but I thought we should talk about it anyway. Having read some pretty weird stuff on the web about bed bugs and other pests, I want to assure you that we Bedbuggers are scientifically-minded. With that in mind, the following describes […]

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