Baiting bed bugs with an artificial human

August 12, 2011

WRAL news has a story today about North Carolina State University entomologist Dr. Coby Schal, who has a $75,000 Chancellor’s Innovation Fund Grant from NCSU to work creating an artificial human which would attract bed bugs to feed on it, instead of on us. The fake host would need to give off CO2 and heat, […]

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Bed Bug Lovers Opposing Oppression and Death?

December 28, 2010

I first came across this video on YouTube last month. The laughing, smiling young protesters are carrying signs with catchy pro-bed bug slogans and the name “BLOOD: Bed Bug Lovers Opposing Oppression and Death.” They’re chanting, Bite! Bite! Let them bite! Killing bed bugs is not right! (Click here if you can’t view the embedded […]

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Photo of newly mated male and female bed bugs

December 14, 2009

Lou Sorkin (of the American Museum of Natural History) has generously shared the following new image with us. He describes it as, . . . 2 bugs in a small box, 1/4 inch graph paper. Male & female just fed and mated 48 hours prior to picture. Sometimes both are together, sometimes apart. Here (in […]

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Madison Avenue Appellate Division courthouse infested with bed bugs

August 10, 2009

The New York Post reports that the Appellate Division courthouse on Madison and 25th Street in New York City has recently been infested with bed bugs. The infestation was believed to be confined to the second-floor clerks office, where, every summer Monday, lawyers come and go en masse to file appellate motions. It got so […]

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Some people share vacation photos…

May 8, 2007

Not people at bedbugger. These are photos of bloodstains on white sheets, courtesy of bedbugs. You know those rust-colored stains you’re supposed to look for in your bed? Here they are. These pictures were taken by a trustworthy bedbugger who wishes to remain anonymous. They depict the evidence you might find in your bed if […]

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