bird bugs

Houston Chronicle update on the U of Arkansas / Texas A&M research on bed bugs in chicken breeding facilities

December 8, 2007

A new article picked up by the Associated Press offers more information on the chicken industry-bed bug connection being researched by scientists at the University of Arkansas–Fayetteville and Texas A&M University. Scientists say bedbugs bed down in chicken breeder houses | – Houston Chronicle Arkansas entomology professor C. Dayton Steelman, who collects laboratory samples, […]

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“I can’t live they’re until they’re gone” — English woman says of bird bugs

April 12, 2007

According to, a resident of a Richmond Churches Housing Trust Property in Chessington, England has bird bugs from a Starling’s nest in the house she rents. Yes, they’re bird bugs, not bed bugs, but to all intents and purposes, in the absence of a nice bird, they bite humans just like bed bugs do. […]

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