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Bedbugs, a novel, to be Bedbugs, a movie

April 17, 2012

Congratulations to Ben H. Winters! The movie rights to his creepy novel Bedbugs have been sold to Tango Pictures, and so it will soon be a creepy horror film too. As Deadline New York reports, the screenplay is to be written by Ti West (The Innkeepers). Cilecto reviewed the book for here.  You’ll recall that […]

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New eco-thriller starring Val Kilmer has bed bug connection

May 17, 2008 reports that Val Kilmer is going to Vancouver to shoot an eco-thriller, The Thaw. The story follows a group of students that discover an ancient parasite frozen inside a prehistoric wooly mammoth. The parasite comes back to life as the mammoth is thawed out, threatening the students and possibly spreading across the world. Why […]

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Bed Bug Hotel

April 15, 2008

Bedbug Hotel Originally uploaded by Frank Synopsis From the film “Nancy Drew: Reporter,” which was released in 1939, before DDT swept through such places.

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In Vancouver? Interested in a bed bug documentary?

January 4, 2008

This came to me from an anonymous reader with username DocMaker: A documentary film is searching for subjects in Vancouver, Canada who are battling the bedbug epidemic as we speak! If all works out, we may be able to get you a free extermination! If you are interested in sharing your tales, send me an […]

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