bed bugs feeding

Bed bugs do not need to stand on your skin in order to feed (photos)

February 25, 2013

Bed bugs don’t actually need to stand on your skin to feed. These images from entomologist Lou Sorkin (who feeds a colony of bed bugs kept for research purposes) show bed bugs can “reach out and bite someone,” so to speak. Lou Sorkin describes this photo as follows: 1. Cimex in a vial

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Christmas Dinner Chez Lou

December 25, 2010

Lou shared some unusual photos today of his bed bug colony feeding — the bugs are in an atypical feeding posture, lying down on their backs. With his characteristic humor, Lou wrote, “Not sure if they ate too much or are basically just lazy after dining out.” Merry Christmas, everyone, and may all your bed […]

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New bed bug photo from Lou Sorkin

April 28, 2009

Amazing new image from Lou Sorkin of the American Museum of Natural History: Photo credit: Dr. Louis Sorkin, All Rights Reserved Lou writes, in the photo description: After feeding hundreds of bed bugs for around 10 minutes and watching many plump nymphs and adults crawl away from the top of the jar along the cardboard […]

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Video of bed bugs including nymphs walking and feeding on humans

February 26, 2009

Note: I am republishing this with a new link, since the video was moved. It works now! Warning: this will be distressing to many suffering from bed bugs. But there is some really excellent footage here of bed bugs feeding on humans (in an obviously staged setting). In particular, I don’t think I have seen […]

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