bed bugs and the arts

The Curious Case of Susan, Alex and Emma Wendt, or, Bedbugs, A Novel

September 9, 2011

It was inevitable that someone with an imagination would channel the “zeitgeist” of 21st Century New York City — with its frustrated artists, anxious parents, elusive hipsters, iPhones, trendy bakeries in gentrified neighborhoods, the Trader Joe’s on Atlantic and bed bugs, yes, bed bugs — into a thriller novel. Bedbugs, by Ben H. Winters (Quirk […]

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Alan Good in McSweeney’s on bed bug “consciousness” and life after bed bugs

October 23, 2009

You might think that once a bed bug infestation is gone from your home (or you’re gone from the bed bug-infested home), that life would be normal again. In many cases, that’s not exactly true. The second installment of a series of articles on bed bugs by Alan Good in McSweeney’s focuses on the author’s […]

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